“The unit is easy to use - training is minimal, folks are grabbing the concept really quickly and anyone can watch the numbers change in real time.  We now feel more confident in some of our spaces.  Our warehouse is well-ventilated and really large and we feel more comfortable about having staff working in that space given the low readings."

- Vic Kerr, Outward Bound Colorado

Leadville, CO

“Within the first day we were able to adjust how we behaved and operated based on the data.  For example, we have reduced occupancy in a couple of offices and began turning on the fan when we go in.”

- Vic Kerr, Outward Bound Colorado

Leadville, CO

“As with many people, the last year has been rough for my family as we've curtailed a lot of activities to stay safe.  Knowing that my family and I are safe and breathing in non-infectious air when we go out is hugely important to us.”

- Paul Whetstone, Father of two

Centennial, CO

Happy Kids Restaurant
Young Barista
“Knowing when my CO2 levels get too high has been key to helping me re-open my business.  When they get too high I just open some windows or improve the ventilation and the CO2 levels come down quickly.  My customers and employees appreciate that we are going to extra mile to keep them safe and healthy."

- Liz Manfred, Small Business Owner

Denver, CO

"We've gotten great feedback from customers.  They all have told me that they appreciate and love the fact that we are helping keep our surfaces sanitized and our air clean - and I think business has picked up since customers learned we are monitoring our CO2 levels in the store."

- Jen Toole, Retail Store Manager

Boulder, CO

Happy Masks
Masks in Classroom
"As a teacher I was concerned about my students when school started back up.  Having a COmonitor and constantly monitoring the air quality in my classroom gives me reassurance than my students and I are safe.  Buying one was one of the greatest investments into their well-being I could have made."

- Mandy Miller, Elementary School teacher

Littleton, CO

"I cannot recommend the CO2 Check monitor enough!  When I leave the house I make sure I have four things: my purse, my phone, my mask and my CO2 Check monitor.  I love knowing at all times what the CO2 measurements are when I go out in public and if the CO2 levels are too high, I simply choose someplace else to go to."

- Alice Watkins, Golden, CO

Grocery Shopping with Mask
Hairdresser with Mask
"My CO2 monitors have been one of the best investments I've made.  Each of my stylists has a unit they keep by their station to monitor the air throughout the day to ensure they, their customers and co-workers are safe.  I especially love how portable the devices are and appreciate that they are very reasonably-priced!"

- Lisa Delonte, Small Business Owner

Lakewood, CO