Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitoring Devices for Indoor Environments

The lower the CO2 levels, the better your air.

Because not all air is of the same quality, monitoring the air you breathe is vital to ensure it is clean and not stagnant. Studies have shown the less carbon dioxide (CO2) that is breathed in, the more alert people are and the less risk of person-to-person airborne virus transmission.

With our CO2 monitors, anyone can objectively determine the quality of indoor air they are breathing. Clean air is key, and we care about your indoor air.


Schools & Businesses

Keep an eye on classrooms to ensure students, teachers and other staff members are safe. Manage all rooms from one user-friendly dashboard.

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Home & Travel

Monitor your home environment to keep your loved ones safe and use while traveling to feel confident you are safe in the environments you encounter.

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"Having a CO2 monitor and constantly monitoring the air quality in my classroom gives me reassurance than my students and I are safe.  Buying one was one of the greatest investments into their well-being I could have made."

- Mandy Miller, Elementary School Teacher

Littleton, CO

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All of your monitors,
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Available on desktop and as a mobile app.