When kids go to school, when customers go to a business or when employees go to work, it's important to know the air quality is top notch and the risk for infection from airborne viruses like COVID-19 is low.  Every time a person exhales there is increasing evidence that carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in confined spaces correlate strongly with the airborne spread of infection, particularly COVID-19.

When we are in indoor shared spaces, at 800 ppm we breathe 1% shared air, at 4000ppm 10% of our air was exhaled out by someone else. Simply by opening the windows, box or exhaust fans, or just leaving the room, the CO2 levels go down within minutes. Simple. Actionable. Easy to understand. And everyone can objectively determine how safe they are when indoors.

The safest indoor spots are those with a good air flow where outside air is constantly replacing the stale, stagnant indoor air.​  In homes and small business that's accomplished by opening windows or doors.  In commercial buildings or schools, that's by improving the ventilation from HVAC systems.

But how do you know whether the air you are breathing is clean, crisp and safer, or stale, stagnant and poses a higher risk of infection?  ​That's where we can help through innovative, stand-alone wireless CO2 sensors.

Researchers have found that the tipping point for increased risk of infection is 1000 ppm, so keeping your indoor quality below that level helps people feel confident that they are safe when in an enclosed space.

And what better way to show your customers you care about their well being than by displaying the CO2 Check check mark seal of approval on your front door?

CO2 Check -- monitoring the air 24/7 and giving parents, patrons and business owners peace of mind and helping ensure the air they breathe is safe, healthy and poses minimal risk of virus transmission.


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We offer CO2 monitoring solutions for residences and businesses of all sizes.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you monitor your CO2 levels and ensure your air is the cleanest it can be and presents a low risk of infection from airborne viruses like COVID-19.